GP Last is so much more to us than
just a service supplier.

They store our products, pack, send out and are always open to special solutions. For example, they can help us with deliveries directly to the customer when required. Third-party logistics at its best, says Lycke von Schanz, founder of the company Påhoj, which has already won several international awards for its cycle saddle that transforms into a pram in a second.

Malmö-based Påhoj began collaborating with GP Last 2 years ago after receiving a tip from another GP Last customer. Without a doubt, they recommend that others hire GP Last too.

– Everyone at GP Last is so flexible. We are a small company who is trying to find our identity and, in this process, they are a fantastic support, explains Lycke. They allow us to make special solutions and because we are located in the same city, we can go there and sort things out when we want. They help us with anything you can imagine, she says.

Lycke doesn’t think that she’s missing any service from GP Last.

– When we asked them one time if they could use our own packing material it wasn’t a problem at all. They sorted it. They have everything we need and are always open to our requests.

Lycke concluded by saying that she appreciates that GP Last is so available, both physically and with a fast response when they are contacted. You always get great service, she says!