We offer:

  • 10,000 square meters of warehouse space with a ceiling height of 11 meters.

  • Three warehouses with different technologies for storage, picking and packing.

  • Transhipment terminal of 1 200 sqm.

  • Mezzanine floor with picking warehouse of 600 sqm.

The weatherproof doors of the warehouses allow us to load and unload goods without external impact on the goods and packaging. There is also an area for free stacking. The terminal area is separated from two of the warehouses to increase the safety of stored products.

The warehouses are temperature controlled and maintain a level of around 18 degrees all year round. We continue our tradition of taking extreme care to ensure that our high bay warehouse is hygienic and clean so that we can handle sensitive products.

We have camera surveillance and access control systems for a small, trusted workforce. Together with a fire and burglar alarm that is directly connected to security companies around the clock, we create the security that the customer needs for their products.

We could list everything we have done to minimise the risk of burglary in our warehouses and meet the highest security standards, but for the sake of our current customers, you will just have to trust us.

Our warehouse – the customer’s peace of mind.

To further strengthen the security of our logistics building in Malmö, we also have:

  • Shell protection on the fence enclosing the site.
  • Camera surveillance with direct connection to alarm companies.
  • Surveillance by patrolling security companies at night.

Choose the services you need!

Personal service is always our main focus and we are happy to tailor logistics solutions to our customers’ needs. We can offer:

Container unloading
We receive the goods at our terminal and redistribute them on pallets for further handling.

Reloading in the terminal
Freight forwarders and hauliers who need to reload their trucks can do so in our terminal. To optimise and streamline the delivery route, we help reload the goods.

Pick and pack
Every order is unique. Sometimes it is a whole pallet of the same item, sometimes the order contains several different products picked individually. We are happy to help pick and pack because we know that the recipient is satisfied when the contents of the order are correct. Therefore, we also make a final check against the picking list before packing everything in boxes, bags or on pallets.

If you want profiled packaging products (cartons, tape, stamps, stickers or similar), for example with your company’s brand name on them, we can also help with this. Do not hesitate to ask us!

Sometimes sales conditions are not perfect from the start. Then we can help by repackaging the products, for example when:

  • the customer’s goods need to be repacked from one type of pallet to another, so that the goods can be shipped and sold abroad.
  • the customer wants their goods in their own profiled cartons.
  • special pallet dimensions are required in the store to enable them to handle normal stock levels.

Different types of labelling (labels, bills of lading, etc.) provide different types of information, which both the customer and we need. This may include what the parcel contains, geographical destination, the customer’s own bar codes, displaying the brand, etc. We help the customer to label or re-label a package to make the information interpretable and easy to use.

In our WMS system, you can follow the goods in real time – from incoming to final delivery to the customer.Read more here.

WMS solution
Our warehouse management system enables transparency and reliability throughout the logistics chain, via dedicated customer logging. See inventory balances and follow orders, with full traceability. Can be integrated with business systems or e-commerce systems (online shop).Read more about our storage system here.

Historical inventory balances
Using the statistics in the WMS system, you can, among other things, see the inventory turnover rate, estimate expected consumption, define ordering points, measure the delivery capability using inventory availability, etc. The auditor can also obtain reliable information about the inventory at a given time.

Collection and distribution
We run our own distribution of parcels in Malmö and the surrounding area. This provides the customer with fast and reliable deliveries. We also collect goods from the customer’s premises for direct delivery to the end customers. In other words, these goods never end up in our warehouse.

Transport services
We pick up and deliver goods wherever you want. Within the Oresund region, the whole of Sweden, Europe – indeed, the whole world! Trust us to solve your shipping, even with short time margins.

Receiving inspection
We can check your goods on arrival, both in terms of quantity and quality. During the check, we verify that the delivery is complete according to the delivery note, but we also identify visible discrepancies. These are photo-documented and reported to the customer. The reception check is carried out as a spot check or an overall check, depending on the customer’s wishes.

When we receive a delivery to our warehouse where the customer’s goods are not organised by item, we help to sort the goods and then put them in the right storage location to ensure efficient handling in the future.

Using a mobile phone or hand scanner, we can easily count the customer’s quantities in the warehouse. We then transfer the information to our warehouse system (WMS system). We can carry out such stocktaking whenever the customer wishes.

Proforma and commercial invoices
We manage pro forma invoices (customs clearance of goods) for those customers who send goods to non-EU countries. There is nothing peculiar about that. Many customers appreciate not having to fill in the form and we are used to doing it.

Our WMS system easily handles standard payment invoices (commercial invoices).

Delivery notes
We ensure that our customers’ shipments have correct delivery notes or packing slips, so that the end customer can quickly see what the shipment contains in the specification.

Returns and complaints management
A satisfied customer is a loyal and repeat customer. Therefore we are more than happy to help our customers with smooth and easy returns and complaints, whatever the reason for the return. This service is particularly important for our e-commerce customers.

Sometimes our customers need to destroy products that are obsolete or past their expiry date. We can take care of all such handling for the customer – from documentation to physical destruction.

Bar code scanning
Efficient and reliable bar code scanning of incoming and outgoing goods saves a lot of time and reduces misinformation. The same applies to stocktaking.

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