We offer third-party logistics, abbreviated as TPL or 3PL. This means that a third party – in addition to the seller and customer – takes over some or all of the logistics. This could be, for example, relieving the customer of the burden of delivering goods, warehousing, picking and packing or any other service.

3PL can simplify, streamline and future-proof your job!
You can focus on selling, and we will do the rest! With the help of third-party logistics, we can provide the services you want, so you do not have to worry about them and can concentrate on what you do best! You win the customer the first time, and we make sure the logistics keep the customer coming back. We can become your 3PL logistics department that stocks, picks and packs and distributes your products.

Third-party logistics beyond the ordinary.
GP Last has the experience and knowledge to simplify, streamline and future-proof your logistics management. We also have the latest and best technology in logistics and warehouse management. Changing your logistics requires structure and control, which may sound boring and difficult. But not for us, because we have the systems to facilitate improvements and reorganisation. 3PL is our home field.

We can help everyone with 3PL, regardless of their industry.
We cover all stages of the chain – from supplier to customer delivery, from returns to after-sales support in various industries. We can help with third-party solutions whatever your industry and whatever your needs.

Unique and reliable 3Pl logistics solutions.
Our logistics centre is strategically located in the Oresund region – in Östra hamnen in Malmö. There is a terminal and warehouse for third-party logistics. It is a perfect option for customers needing a modern and efficient warehouse with easy and quick access to the major transport routes in the Oresund region. Here, our staff welcomes all customers with great dedication and we are happy to customise logistics solutions to suit their unique needs.

Our warehousing services.

Logistics is our home ground. Do you need help with container unloading, reloading, repacking, labelling or anything else? Contact us and we will find a solution together!

Our warehouses.

We offer 10,000 square metres of warehouse space with a ceiling hight of 11 meters, three warehouses with different techniques for storage, picking and packing, a transhipment terminal of 1,200 square meters and a mezzanine with a picking warehouse of 600 square meters. This means that we always have a good storage solution for our customers.

WMS system.

We have one of the best WMS (warehouse management system) on the market, so our customers’ information is available around the clock. As our customer, you get all the benefits from our warehouse system!

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