Working with GP Last is easy, and you always get a warm welcome!

– We were looking for a flexible solution that could grow with us while allowing us to focus on our core business. So says Jonathan Roos, CEO of the confectionery company Kolsvart in Malmö. The ambition of his company Kolsvart is to “make what is simple in the best way” and focus on a perfect balance between flavour, purity and texture.

At GP Last, Kolsvart has chosen the services of warehousing and logistics, and they are very satisfied with the cooperation. When asked if they can imagine using GP Last for more services, Jonathan says that they already have almost everything GP Last offers.

– By working with a logistics partner, we can put more energy into our core business, while logistics and warehousing at GP Last are flexible over time, he says. He also says that he will definitely recommend others to contact GP Last.

– The best thing about GP Last is that it is fast, smooth and flexible at all stages and that you always get a warm welcome. And that is just as important, he says.