Outstanding service and fantastic customer care. That’s GP Last!

The Aleppo soap is the mother of all hard soaps. According to Peter Andersson who sells this certified and historic soap via his company Zentre AB. The soap was originally developed in Aleppo, a city in Syria and in the 1100s the Knights Templar brought the soap to Europe. An Aleppo soap combines the mildness of olive oil with beneficial properties of the laurel oil, he explains.

– This enriching product is now available in GP Last’s warehouse and they even receive orders from health food stores, where we sell the soap, says Peter. Then GP Last sends out the products to the right recipients.

– I began hiring GP Last 6-7 years ago,he explains. I was tipped off by my sons who also operate companies and previously stored their products at GP Last. We are all very satisfied with GP Last.

When asked whether Peter is thinking about increasing the company’s services at GP Last, he says that it is something he does all the time. If things were the way he wanted them to be he would have liked GP Last to take care of invoicing for all the orders that go out. Our customer invoices, he clarifies.

– The best thing about GP Last is their outstanding service and fantastic customer care, stresses Peter. I would recommend them to everyone – all the days of the week, which is something I also do, he continues. To sum it up, we are very satisfied with the collaboration!