Have you realised that a freshly washed and well-maintained vehicle gives your business extra competitiveness and ensures good profitability? Our washing system has features that are specifically designed to maximise efficiency. Innovative wash components set a new standard of cleanliness for commercial vehicles.

Terms and rules.

We want to provide all our customers with the best service and they should feel confident about what is involved in washing or treating the vehicle.

We take responsibility for our equipment and your vehicle based on common sense. Damage caused by high-pressure washing or contact with washing utensils is the responsibility of the customer and will be paid for by the customer, unless our washing staff has caused the damage. For any damage we may have caused, we use our camera system. We review the course of events to assess the incident and possible compensation.

In the case of passenger cars, specialised vehicles, camper vans, caravans, trucks and motorcycles, existing damage should be reported to our staff before washing or treatment begins. In the absence of information on existing damage, we will not deal with the case on these and disclaim any liability or compensation.

The customer is always responsible for handling equipment on the vehicle during treatment or washing. We are happy to help, but at the customer’s risk.

The customer is responsible for their vehicle when driving in our car wash centres.

In case of accident or force majeure, the rules/conditions of the insurance companies for the respective vehicle or equipment machine are always applied.

We trust that our customers and our staff have a shared responsibility to ensure the best well-being and safety.