GP Last is super flexible and it is perfect that you can switch between hiring them for more services or fewer services!

– We are extremely satisfied! For a smaller importer with a small budget, it is perfect to collaborate with a company that is so super flexible as GP Last, says Jim Nyman, founder of Winescout. You can switch between hiring them for more services or fewer services. This was ideal for keeping costs down in the start and going to their warehouse to personally take care of order picking and packing.

Jim Nyman, known on Instagram as Champagneweathers, has a passion for champagne, especially from smaller vineyards. During his many travels, the idea was born to import to Sweden so that other champagne lovers could also benefit from trying some of the gems.

– I realised that the company would be able to grow faster if I had help with some services, says Jim. This is why I began collaborating with GP Last just a few months after I started my own company. I found GP Last after receiving a recommendation and today they take care of our warehousing, receive deliveries and place them into stock, he explains.

Jim says that he would naturally recommend GP Last to others and that it feels good that you can adapt the services offered by GP Last as needed. He also says that he usually declines answering these types of enquiries, in other words he doesn’t usually act as a reference person.

– Each hour is important and valuable to me, but GP Last is such a nice company so I would very much like to support them when I have the chance.

When asked whether there is any service, he thinks GP Last is missing, Jim comments on the storage temperature. For champagne that is going to be stored for more than a year, I still choose to store it even more temperate, although it does work well enough as it is today. I’m a bit of a nerd, he says, but right now GP Last are getting new premises so I hope that there will be the possibility to store bottles at a more even temperature.

– To sum it up, I am satisfied with everything at GP Last. All the staff are extremely nice and the company has a nice atmosphere, he concludes.