GP Last takes care of our important daily life.
It’s a win-win situation for both parties!

– We needed a professional partner who could help us do the things we didn’t have time to. So that we could focus on what we do best, says Mikael Nypelius, CEO of Veritabel vin Fruktstereo.

– We are very, very satisfied with the collaboration, continues Mikael. We receive friendly and personal service and everyone at GP Last is solution oriented. We have grown together as we were one of the first wine customers. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, because GP Last has adapted themselves to us and us to them.

Fruktstereo is a company in Malmö who manufactures natural alcoholic beverages, without additives and solely from organically grown, unsprayed Swedish products. The company was founded in 2016 and has collaborated with GP Last since 2017.

– Today, GP Last takes care of storage, books freight and takes care of different distribution solutions for us, explains Mikael. “Everything that belongs to our important daily life. The next step is that GP Last will test taking care of the distribution to us in Stockholm via their own supply chain.

– So far, it’s just a test, but we believe greatly in collaborating with a smaller company where you are able to speak directly with those you work with, stresses Mikael. Not those types of large unknown and anonymous “monsters” who likely don’t have the same personal commitment.

Mikael thinks that the best thing with GP Last is their tremendous commitment and excellent service. We know everyone who works there and it feels good, he says.

– We have recommended GP Last to everyone who has similar needs to ours. This industry is friendly and helpful, we gladly share our knowledge and experiences, comments Mikael.

– The only thing we are missing is for GP Last to take care of all the logistics, all the way to the end customer, but as I said this is something with which we have already started. So, in this case they have also been solution-oriented and receptive. Simply put, they get top marks, concludes Mikael.