For GP Last there are no problems,
only solutions!

Byracka Vin is a relatively new company that imports happy, delicious wines from passionate winemakers. Anna Johansson, one of the co-owners of Byracka Vin, says that she was tipped off about GP Last by a colleague in the same industry who also has storage space with them.

– In fact, I have received several recommendations from colleagues that we should use GP Last. They seemed very reliable and well-organised so it made the choice easy, she continues.

Today, GP Last is responsible for Byracka’s warehouse management, stocktaking, picking and packing of wines, booking and monitoring of transports within Sweden.

– We are very pleased, says Anna emphatically. Everyone at GP Last is incredibly professional, reliable and good at communicating with us. And there are no problems, only solutions! We definitely recommend GP Last to others, as we have only positive experiences with the cooperation.

Anna says that Byracka has increased its cooperation with GP Last since they moved their products in, but that they will keep it at the current level. She says COVID-19 slowed down the company’s plans considerably, so any potential expansion will take a few years.

– The best thing about GP Last is that you get such a warm welcome and that you can always trust what they promise, Anna continues. And they are extremely helpful! During the crisis we have gone/are going through due to the pandemic, they have been very understanding, which has made things much easier.

– It feels safe to work with everyone at GP Last and we are incredibly satisfied customers, concludes Anna.