I give the highest marks to Paul, Per and the other employees at GP Last’s stock management!

This fine critique was given to GP Last by Ingemar Hagblom, CEO of Audio Squad and refers to his longstanding and rewarding collaboration with GP Last. Audio Squad is a company that sells high-end products for TAD (Technical Audio Devices). Their product range includes items such as very exclusive audio-visual systems, speakers and other high-class home electronics.

– We began collaborating with GP Last 15 years ago, says Ingemar. Today, we hire GP Last for 3PL (third-party logistics) with all associated services, such as loading and unloading containers, packaging and transporting our products out to Europe, he continues.

Ingemar explains that the reason why the company chose GP Last was that he received good references concerning GP Last’s excellent handling of warehousing and transport, as well as the company’s extremely service-oriented staff. He believes that the key to GP Last’s success is the incredibly skilled staff who work in the warehouse.

– So, the choice was a simple one, says Ingemar. Security is important to us because we handle such expensive products and GP Last’s stock management and transport work perfectly for us. Plus, their staff are incredibly service-oriented. GP Last can quite simply offer all the services that we need and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others, concludes Ingemar.